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    @ronwilliams Welcome To EGN

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    Sitting here at work wondering what that day will be like when I'm done with this 9-5 thing. That will be a most wonderful day!

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    Lead by example... When you are building your list, following up, and making sales, then you can teach your team how to do the same in their own business. When someone says, “This doesn’t work.”, you can honestly tell them and show them, “Sure it does. I’m getting results and you can too if you follow the plan." Then you can work with them to improve their results by showing them exactly how you did it (videos, playlists, tutorials, blogs, sales funnels, webinars, strategy groups, etc).

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    posted a photo

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    How to change the cover photo?

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    @kevinlampron916 hah updating the site behind my back while im trying to finish my funnel!!! LOL looks good

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