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    Lead by example... When you are building your list, following up, and making sales, then you can teach your team how to do the same in their own business. When someone says, “This doesn’t work.”, you can honestly tell them and show them, “Sure it does. I’m getting results and you can too if you follow the plan." Then you can work with them to improve their results by showing them exactly how you did it (videos, playlists, tutorials, blogs, sales funnels, webinars, strategy groups, etc).

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    Sitting here at work wondering what that day will be like when I'm done with this 9-5 thing. That will be a most wonderful day!

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    Egn system is so sick!!!

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    posted a photo

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    Have you ever thought of paying yourself first. Before you spend your money on unnecessary things. Or giving money to companies. Example: Cable Hottest New Sneakers Hottest I Phone that comes out. Or some I know eating out when you have a ton of food at home to cook. Lol Funny but true sometimes we spend money unnecessarily. I have a Bitcoin Savings Plan you can start to put at play for yourself. Then can show you where to put some of that bitcoin in and where. Then you can start to multiply those bitcoins on top of your bitcoin savings plan. By next year you will have a ton of Bitcoins, With the value going up to be worth so much more as time goes by. If you interested in Knowing more comment info. I will message you back.

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    @ronwilliams Welcome To EGN

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    I'm so excited to be here like what I see so far now to go create some pages.

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    @kelliercrosby Thanks for friending, following, and for all your assistance, Kellie! You're the best! 😀

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    @egnmarketing Again you changed things up How do I get to see replays

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    How to change the cover photo?

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    @kevinlampron916 hah updating the site behind my back while im trying to finish my funnel!!! LOL looks good

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